About Us

Brick by Brick Construction Company is a social enterprise that was started in 2011 as a collaborating partner with the non-profit Brick by Brick Uganda after our founders struggled to contract quality construction services for their infrastructure development projects. Since then, we have become a national leader in environmentally friendly construction services, completing over 470 projects nationally using ISSB technology.

ISSBs are made from murram stabilized with a small amount of sand. The mixture is compressed in a specially-made brick press and air-dried –no burning required. One pair of our skilled brick-makers can make up to 500 ISSBs a day.

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What We Do

At Brick by Brick Construction, we offer comprehensive services to meet a variety of construction and design needs. We provide ISSB production training, as well as architectural and structural designing expertise. Our team is skilled in general construction, capable of building residential homes, school buildings, health facilities, rainwater tanks, perimeter wall fences, and efficient cooking stoves. Additionally, we specialize in solar installation and much more. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Architectural & Structural Design

Geotechnical Investigations


Efficient Cooking Stoves

Wash Facilities

Perimeter Wall Fences

Our Projects

Discover our diverse and innovative engineering work. From residential homes and school buildings to health facilities and rainwater tanks, our projects demonstrate our commitment to quality and sustainability. We have also completed perimeter wall fences, efficient cooking stoves, and solar installations. Each project reflects our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Explore our portfolio to see the breadth of our expertise and the impact of our work in the community.

Client Testimonials

"I am so happy with Brick by Brick Construction's services. Brick by Brick constructed a Rainwater Tank at my primary school, which now provides the staff and students easy access to water. Brick by Brick's staff was also super-friendly, easy to work with, and professionally addressed my questions and needs. I definitely recommend Brick by Brick Construction Company." - JOY-PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER
"Their whole team on-site exhibits good moral standards brilliance and that is why we happily recommend them for future projects." - ALEXA ROY-PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER
"With no doubt my experience with the Brick by Brick Construction team was amazing. I would definitely give them a 5 stars rating." - CHRIS DUGDALE